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Welcome to LoveYourBelly, a belly dance appreciation group!

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We encourage you to join even if you know nothing about belly dance. You can learn about it here!

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Our group is slowly growing, and we are very excited about that!

We want to encourage our members to share any and all experiences related to belly dance. We welcome all dancers, photographers, artists, costume designers, jewelry designers, and belly dance fans.

Feel free to make any suggestions or recommendations for the group. We appreciate your feedback, and feedback helps us make the group better!

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Performing under a stage name is important: it helps keep the creepers at bay and keeps a nice firm line between your stage self and your not…stage…self.  All good.
However when it comes to posting and tagging pics on Facebook, my fellow troupe-mates and myself always tag under our real names.  I’m pretty sure none of us in the troupe have a FB page under our stage names (but I could be wrong).

We’ve gotten our wrists slapped a couple times for this practice by a far more experienced dancer – one who’s actually lost jobs because her boss found out she belly danced (which frankly I appalls me – isn’t that illegal?!)  She says you should NEVER tag under your real name if you’re in a costume and on a stage; but I personally beg to differ – Facebook allows you to limit who can see pics of you and even if someone else tagged you, you can always just remove the tag.  Plus the type of shows our troupe does presently is almost entirely attended by people we know – we haven’t branched out to the wider public yet.

Taking things in another direction: I plan on eventually solo-ing at gaming conventions under a stage name separate from my usual one, with costumes inspired by classic console games.  I think it’d be uber fun and the costumes will just be a blast to make.  
In THAT case – because I’d be dancing in front of perfect strangers - I would most definitely create a separate FB page for that persona and tag only under that stage name.

So what are your views on the subject?
Do you perform under a stage name?
Do you tag pics under your real name?
If you’ve never performed in public, would you tag under yourself?
Just curious about other dancers’ thoughts :)
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